The current version of my About page on this site starts like this:

I’m an entrepreneur, writer, athlete, educator, burrito enthusiast, and human.

These are all labels. I ended with “human” to make light of the concept—because while each of these labels describes me, none of them tell the whole story. I often find myself defying my own labels.

I’m a total tech geek, but I’m also an athlete—like a high school kid walking the line between nerd and jock. I train at the gym every day, but I also enjoy reading and learning about the cosmos. I’m not a “meathead.” Hell, as much as I love burritos, I’ve been eating burrito bowls and salads lately.

Labels are useful for grouping people with common characteristics, but rarely can a single word or phrase capture the full essence of a human being.

People are multidimensional, man.