Reading In The Digital Age

When I was younger, I loved libraries and bookstores. So many books, so many fellow book lovers, and the wonderful, nostalgic scent of ink printed on dead trees (you know the one I’m talking about!). It was great.

Today, visiting a library or bookstore is a rare event—and the end feels imminent. When you have a portal containing the entirety of human literature in your pocket, libraries—and indeed, printed books themselves—obsolesce.

I have an entire library of books on my iPhone. Wherever I go, I always have something to read. And while I’m sad that libraries and physical bookstores will one day vanish, I’m equally grateful for the portability and ease-of-access that ebooks bring to the table. I can’t carry hundreds of paperbacks in my pants.

The 6 Month Test

It’s been a couple of years since I first read Sarah Chang’s 2014 post about what she calls “The 6 Month Test,” but I use it so frequently now that I had to track down the original source:

The test is simple — there are only two questions: Am I a fundamentally different person than who I was 6 months ago? and Is this difference a good thing?

Six months, short as it may seem, can make a substantial difference in your goals and personal development. I’m often amazed by how different I am from the guy I was just six months or a year ago.

When I find that not much has changed over the last six months, I know it’s time to reevaluate my behavior.

Thanks Sarah for the great advice.

A Slave To My Biology

Something that both fascinates and terrifies me is the fact that I, my consciousness and sense of self, are just products of chemistry.

I’m a slave to my biology. A vessel created solely to carry genetic information into the next generation. And here I am contemplating it.